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ma photoComputer Engineer and I manager of an institute of learning the Arabic language

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Sm@rt Arabic:

icon A method to learn Arabic on smartphone (iPhone/Ipod Touch, and Android …).

A simple, quick and efficient method in order to learn Arabic in no time at all on your mobile phone.
You are a beginner or you know bases? Sm@rt Arabic will adapt.
This first version is composed of 3 units whose main objectives are :

  • Correcting and improving pronunciation.
  • Learning, reading and writing basic words and sentences.
  • Acquiring essential and daily vocabulary.
  • Acquiring key sentences in order to improve your oral comprehension.

    This unit includes the study of the bases of Arabic language :

    • Alphabet :
      • Pronouncing the letters with and without vowels.
      • Writing the letters.
    • Words:
      • Building and reading words.

    • Vocabulary :
      • Acquiring daily vocabulary.
      • Memorizing and understanding more than 300 words.
    • Exercises :
      • Audio and visual training.


    This unit enables you to discover phrases which liven up daily conversations, some verses of the Arabic poetry, wise phrases or proverbs: all this in order to put your knowledge about the previous unit to the test.


    Thanks to this unit, you can test and assess your knowledge throughout your training by the use of audio and visual tests.

Perspectives :

Sm@rt Arabic will accompany you throughout your training and this on several levels. Indeed, numerous regular and free updatings are provided in order to offer you a rich and complete Arabic language training.

  • In-depth Arabic version (grammar and conjugation).
  • Special version for vocabulary and conversation.
  • Special version for children.

We count on your contribution to the improvement of these versions through your suggestions and your proposals.